Unclogging a Sewer or Drain Clog with Liquid and Chemicals

If you are looking to clear your sewer or drain with the types of products you find on a supermarket shelf that declare that they can clear any sewer clog or drain blockage just by pouring a liquid or powder into the sink, bathtub or drain.  You have to know the following things before you put any chemicals into your drain and sewer piping system.

  • Those products that they sell to unclog the drain are dangerous chemicals, whether they are liquid or not.  There are clear warnings about using those chemicals right on the bottle.  Even if sewer Liquid and Chemicalsyou are not such an environmentalist there are health hazard issues to skin, eyes and inhalation risks in using those products.
  • I will say it straightforwardly, if those products really worked consistently, plumbers would be out of work as no one would need a plumber for sewer cleaning or to release a clogged drain.  It would be 1,2,3, pour some stuff down the sink and your ready to go .  But in reality its really not like that at all.
  • Liquid products to clear the drain don’t work most of the time from the simple fact that those chemicals cannot be so strong as to melt the stuff in the sewer pipe line but still be safe to use in a living environment and without damaging the pipe itself.  So when you buy those products there is a more than 50% chance that you are pouring the money that you paid down the drain.
  • Another thing that you need to consider is the fact that if you use those chemicals and the pipe is still clogged a plumber is either going to snake the pipe, which means manually putting the snake through the pipe or he needs to open and release some of the pipe, like the U trap.  In both cases, you or your family members and your plumber will immediately be exposed to dangerous detergents and chemicals.  In some cases we know of people that were badly burned on their skin and needed medical assistance.
  • Most of the time what will happen is that you delay the clog until the next time, so its probably still in the pipe, as only some of the materials were melted so its just needs to accumulate again.  So its just a temporary option because most of the time you will end up paying for the liquid to clean the sewer and a plumber later to snake the sewer pipe completely.

As experience shows, clearing a sewer drain is best with sewer cleaning with a snake in the traditional way or with hydro-jetting, especially if you have a repeated problem.   So feel free to call us for any sewer cleaning or sewer repair in NJ.  We are a NJ plumbing company offering  24 hour plumbing service, and drain cleaning and sewer repair in NJ.

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